Non Fingo VR

Yes, this is the right site. I want to spend my time making video games, not websites.
I want you to spend your time and bandwidth on video games, not endlessly scrolling through graphics devoid of information.

Non Fingo is a VR space combat simulator. It will be available for PC-based VR as well as standalone VR systems such as Quest.
When it's available in stores I'll link them here (maybe bookmark this page), mention it in discord, and probably put out an announcement video (so subscribe).
Non Fingo on Steam
Non Fingo on Quest App Lab

It is about as realistic as I can make it.
There's n-body gravity acting on all the ships and projectiles. G is a few orders of magnitude larger than real life, which means everything is moving at a rate which is actually observable and not insanely boring.
The travel is seamless, using a floating origin (sort of) to avoid levels and loading screens.
Projectile/armor collisions take into account relative speed, mass, impact angle, materials, etc. to determine whether it should ricochet, stop, or penetrate. Shot placement against ship modules determines which ship functions are degraded.
AI tracking and targeting is not prescient, it has to update in real time with available data. AI movement is subject to the same physics and orbital mechanics as everything else.
Player movement in 0g is physics based. You can rotate in any axis, push off surfaces, grab and climb, or attach yourself to a floor or wall and walk with 360 locomotion. Also you can have personal thrusters or whatever.

That's where we are now.
Here's what's planned for the near future:

Cooperative multiplayer. It's actually fairly simple in this sort of game but it squares testing time, so I'll get to it later. Ideally, it will be the sort of game where everyone on the bridge and/or CIC of the ship has a different job and works together. Yes, it will be cross platform.
Consumable and distributable resources. We're talking delta V, power, heat, ammunition, etc. This is another case where it's simple to implement but it makes testing more complicated (it is annoying to run out of ammo while you're testing weapons tracking).
Orbital tracking, transfer computers, and auto pilot. This is actually what I enjoy working on most, but I'm under strict orders from the wife to prioritize working on stuff that looks interesting on video.

The big thing is mods. We all have different ideas about what a space game should be like, and I see no reason to deny you the opportunity to improve upon what I've done (especially since there is so much room for improvement).
The game is made with Unreal Engine 4 using a graphical scripting utility called "Blueprints". All the blueprints I have created, you can access and modify without writing a single line of code. Unreal Engine itself is also open source, though modifying it will be rather more complicated than modifying Non Fingo.
Not only will you be able to change around the art assets, or add in new ships and weapons, but you can change the way physics works and every other aspect of the game.
You can add a whole seamless galaxy to play in. You could add in phasers and shields and hyperspace. You could turn it into yet another table tennis simulator, if you really wanted. I'll even help you do it.

This game is being developed by a single person. Right now my priority is getting the game into stores in a stable, usable condition. This means many features, even ones I've already demonstrated, may not be available in the main branch of the game.
VR is a difficult sort of interface and it would be a shame to sink very much time into features that will never work right, but I need your help testing to determine what works and what doesn't. I will do my best to make the latest testing branch available and keep everyone updated on progress and future plans.

Non Fingo: The Virtual Reality Spaceflight Simulator

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